I have been doing work for several online projects for almost a decade. It’s not a regular thing, but I do it when:

  1. I need the extra cash
  2. I am so bored with my life
  3. I am interested in the project offered

I am the “Jane of all trades” when it comes to online jobs. I have experience/exposure in different works. In fact, some of the skills I have now are learned while on the job.

Content Writer

I started out as a writer from a now defunct online writing portal in 2008. Back then, I was happy earning Php 1,000 (about $23) per week after writing 25 to 30 articles. From that portal, I learned the basic of writing for SEO. I was happy with the arrangement because I just needed to pick the topic I wanted and wrote my piece.

Afterwards, I became a content writer for Essays.ph as a part-time job while I was a full-time virtual assistant. I was able to work for them until I gave birth on my firstborn.

As I grow my knowledge as a content writer, I started exploring other sites such as oDesk (now it’s Upwork), Freelancer. com, iWriter and OnlineJobs.ph. From these sites, I had done more writing with higher pay, better training, and  more exposure.

I will write about my personal experiences on these sites soon.

Rewriting and BMR articles

My full-time job as a virtual assistant lasted for two years. I had a good and supportive employer who helped me understand more the nature of an online business and online employment. For two years, my major tasks were to rewrite his articles and to create a lot of BMR articles.

It was initially hard for me to rewrite because the topics and terms were not familiar. Eventually, I adjusted and I  started to rewrite articles at a faster phase.

The BMR articles were the easiest part especially if you’ve been writing for a while.

Data Entry

As a virtual assistant, I also worked on some data entry tasks. I also did some jobs on Freelancer.com.

Virtual Assistant

My first big role in the industry of online businesses is as a virtual assistant. I had worked as full-time virtual assistant for two years. I wrote my original articles, did a lot of rewrites and BMR articles, did some data entry, posted in WordPress, became a link builder,

WordPress Developer

For two months, an employee entrusted me to work on her client’s WordPress site. I learned how to setup WordPress and web server. I learned setting up different plugins and I was forced to review my HTML and CSS knowledge.

I suddenly understood an autoresponder and learned how to configure MailChimp and Aweber. I also got to know Jason Fladlein.

My Technical Skills

  • WordPress, Blogger, MailChimp, AWeber, HTML, CSS, XML
  • Shell Scripting, Perl, Linux/Unix, Networks, Servers, SQL
  • Nagios and ITRS
  • A little bit of C++ and Java

My Administrative Skills

  • SEO, Content Writing, Rewriting
  • Data Entry, Encoding, Lead Generation
  • Email and Client Support

My Communication Skills

  • Proficient in American English


I am currently updating my portfolio so that you will know more about how I work. Do you want to hire me or schedule for an interview? Please fill up the form below so we can talk:


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