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The Top 10 Sites in PH According to Alexa Ranking

The Top 10 Sites in PH According to Alexa Ranking

As of October 27, 2015, the top 10 sites in the Philippines according to Alexa ranking are the following:

  1.  – It’s not surprising! A lot of Filipinos are addicted to Facebook. Thanks to free Facebook care of Mark Zuckerberg
  2. – Isn’t every one’s best friend is Google when we have to do a school homework or looking for the right code for your new program or we are stalking someone?
  3. – As soon as Filipinos found out there’s a PH site for Google, they often choose it to become their homepage. Like me, I find it more efficient to see Google results first based on Philippine setting.
  4. – Filipinos love music, movies and anything entertaining. From the latest music videos from the West to illegally ripped-off teleseryes (Filipino drama series), they browse for videos in YouTube. And lately, I am enjoying the how-to videos for cooking and doing make-up.
  5. – For entertainment’s sake, is a good place to lurk in. Sadly, they had to shutdown but there’s still a lot to see in Yahoo’s site.
  6. – If you’re a die-hard Kapamilya, you’ll know what to read and watch in ABS-CBN’s news website. Through its Facebook, I always end up opening three or more links every day from this site. If I want the news, I go to this site (though which is 15th in ranking is my first choice). Plus, I get to see my favorite local celebrities from this site.
  7. – This is the website for the Kapuso fanatics. It’s made up of news, updates about the network’s TV schedules, artists, events and news.
  8. – Just two days ago, #AlDubEBTamangPanahon pulls in over 39.5 million tweets.  This is enough proof that Twitter is a site loved by a lot of Filipinos from all ages and classes.
  9. – Filipinos love to write even if their grammar is sometimes wrong. The best platform to express themselves is through blogs. I know there are thousands of blogs out there about everything a Filipino can think about. So far, is ranked 20th in the top PH sites based on Alexa. Well, read this WordPress. I always recommend you to my friends especially if they are serious in setting up their own websites.
  10. Amazon.comOnline shopping is a growing business for the past years and Filipinos love to shop as well! Since has been offering shipping to Philippines, it is no surprise that Filipinos are enjoying shopping online for imported goods and luxury items from this site.

Why do you need to know the top 10 sites? If you have a site or blog, it is highly recommended that you integrate your posts in these sites. The following items can be done to make your posts more visible:

  • Make a campaign through social media (Facebook and Twitter) to increase your number of views.
  • Upload your own videos in social media (Facebook and Youtube)
  • Using blog platforms like WordPress and Blogger can help you design your website for FREE until you decide to purchase.
  • You can have extra income by featuring ads from these sites like
  • Though it’s quite debatable,  linking your posts to famous sites is a positive signal in the SEO world. It shows that you are a willing participant in the web’s linking system.

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Online Jobs | Filipinos for

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