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My darling daughter’s first name is Dei (Latin word for God). She was born in 2010. My second kid is a handsome and naughty boy who was born in 2012. His first name is Lei. Lastly, my youngest bright son who is born in 2014 has a second name, Sochi, His name is inspired by the Winter Olympics 2014 held in Sochi, Russia. That’s what his dad insisted!

At first, I want to name this blog site for myself but then I realized my life is revolving with my three babies and so I choose to use their first names and second name.

I know you see me as a daunting mother of three.  Aside from having three little munchkins, I am also a regular employee of a Financial IT software company, a part-time online freelancer, a hard-headed daughter, and a good old boring sister. They also said I love blindly.

My blog posts will have many topics and I hope that you become my regular visitor. You can check out the following categories:

Parenthood – My journey and thoughts as a parent of three wonderful kids.

Online Jobs – I share my experiences and personal knowledge about online jobs and how to make it easy for you to earn online.

Working Mom  – I love my work and the people in it. You will understand why while I continue posting our adventures at work and outside work.

Thoughts to Ponder – My personal views in life and events.

Foods and Recipes – I love food and cooking. Since I am busy at work, I hardly cook so, when I did I love to share it! I also like sharing my reviews about restaurants and fast foods.

PCSO Lotto Results – Daily Updates – I want to keep track of how many people win… really win. Do I play? Yes when the jackpot is Php 100 million.

Thank you for reading and have fun browsing my site.

– Di


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