A Voice Taped Record

A Voice Taped Record

I can remember those days when my mom would buy a blank cassette tape and record an hour worth of messages for my dad who was working abroad.

I knew then that my dad would always look forward to the cassette tape to be delivered to him from the Philippines to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. We had to wait for a month for the voice tape to reach him and another month for his answer recorded in another cassette tape.

That was how Filipino families try to keep their family together back then. Messages of love, greetings, stories and wishes had to wait for weeks or months before the recipient would hear it.

Today, people all over the world are so lucky to have the Internet, social media and devices to communicate and even see each other. That’s why it makes me frustrated to see some people sharing hurtful words and lacking intimacy to their family and loved ones because of this privilege.

We forget what we had to do and time to wait a few decades ago just to see a glimpse of our loved one or hear their voices. Today, we can’t avoid wasting time ignoring the people closest to us and do online kinds of stuff that are unnecessary.



Cassette Tape (Source: WiseGeek.com)

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