Daily Prompt: Stylish in Pink

Daily Prompt: Stylish in Pink

This is Dei’s first photo shoot when she was nine months old. I remember getting the pictures on my birthday. Smiling back then was really easy for her and I can make her wear anything I want.

Oh and I love her smile up to now. She just becomes a shy kid now  and will not smile on a stranger’s camera. She also loves pink since she knows that color. But, at the age of five years old, she decides what to wear now and will rather pick more comfortable and easy to wear clothes and shoes that are also colored pink.

The Photo Shoot 

She has a pretty set of pink polka dot blouse and white pants from Baby Guess. I also bought a pair of cute purple boots and a pink/white collared shirt. Since mommy likes colorful stuffs, check out her polka dot sock too!

Of course, the most catchy and priceless beauty here is her lovely smile!

Anyway, for the preparation of the shoot, I made sure it’s scheduled before her nap time. I fed her enough so she wouldn’t fuss and I brought along an audience (my dad, nanny and sister) who would make her laugh or smile. I also ordered online her clothes and shoes.


Baby Fashion | Pretty in Pink | Polka Dot Halter Blouse and Socks




Cute Smile with Her Pink Collared Shirt, White Pants and Purple Boots


When She Is Just Learning to Stand Alone

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