How To Enroll and Pay Globe Landline or Broadband Via BDO Online Banking

How To Enroll and Pay Globe Landline or Broadband Via BDO Online Banking

To avoid long lines and wasting time, it is a good practice to enroll your bills online. Today, I enrolled and paid my latest Globe Broadband account via BDO online without a sweat. The steps are made easier because you don’t need to verify your enrollment through an ATM.

Here are the very simple steps when paying and enrolling at the same time your Globe Broadband in your BDO online banking:

  1. Log in to your BDO online account.
  2. Go to Financial >> Bills Payment >> Bills. Note that I did not enroll my Globe account. I went straight to paying my balance.
  3. Choose the BDO account you’ll use for paying.
  5. Tick the check box for “Pay a Company/Biller that is not yet enrolled.
  6. Input the amount to pay, subscriber number and subscriber name.
  7. Before clicking submit, check the lower part of the page for the “Enrollment Details” Section. Tick the check box if you want to enroll the Company/Biller in your account.
  8. Then, click “Submit”

There you go. You have paid and enrolled your Globe Landline/Broadband in one online transaction.  See the image below on how simple the transaction is:


How to Pay and Enroll Your Globe Broadband or Landline Using BDO Online


  • If you wish to pay and enroll your Globe Postpaid, choose the company/biller: GLOBE POSTPAID MOBILE
  • If this is your first bill from your Globe Broadband, call their customer hotline first to check the actual balance. Their system might have deducted the initial payment you made during the installation of the broadband. For Globe Landline/Broadband subscribers, the direct customer hotline is 02-730-1000.

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