Profound Mind As Laid Out By Dalai Lama

Profound Mind As Laid Out By Dalai Lama

Having a profound mind is one of the things that made me admire the Dalai Lama. It seems he shares the same vision I have that no religion, race, belief, or power should prevent humans from loving and caring each other.

Did you know that Buddhism doesn’t claim that we have a soul or “self”. The teachings of Buddhism tell us not to focus on “self”  because it is the reason why we face issues and struggles in life. Learning this lesson deeply can help one to achieve real happiness. Perhaps, it is something impossible to achieve in the world today but why not reflect and see yourself as someone who doesn’t care too much about one’s “self.”

This summarizes in my own opinion his three main commitments:

First as a human being, the Dalai Lama values the sameness of every person such that we are capable to show forgiveness, compassion, contentment, tolerance and self-discipline. Even if one doesn’t believe or practice a religion, the Dalai Lama knows that this innate human values can help each of us live a happier life.

His second commitment is as  a religious person where he campaigns to have harmony among different religions and that we should have a good understanding and respect of the different religious traditions. In an individual level, one truth and one religion matters but for a community’s point of view, there are several truths and several religions to accept and respect.

Lastly, his commitment to promote and preserve the Buddhist culture of Tibet as he is carrying the name, Dalai Lama. It is a culture seeking to keep peace and non-violence.

If we are in a perfect world, we can live in harmony and peace. However, this is an imperfect world but we can be happier if we learn to be selfless and be respectful.

Daily Prompt Ad: Profound  Mind offers important wisdom for those committed to bringing about change in the world through developing their own spiritual capabilities, whether they are Buddhists or not.


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