I Admire My Kids and It’s Right

I Admire My Kids and It’s Right

​Somebody told me I don’t have to always tell my children how wonderful they are and proud of them. Instead, I should focus on letting them know their flaws and guide them to improve/find solutions to their problems. 

For me, it was the most ridiculous and cruel advice I heard. I love my children and I will not stop saying it to them. I will not limit my hugs and kisses. I will always tell them how much I admire and adore them. For me, that’s what every child deserves and that’s my preferred foundation of their characters.

I believe that their flaws are human nature and it is an ignorant move to expect a child to act  righteous and look good based on certain standards set by the community. It is also unfair to always look and mention the flaw of a child. Isn’t this what causes a child to develop insecurity? Inferiority? Depression? 

Admiration is a human nature as well. It is one of the positive things of humanity. Preventing to show one’s admiration as a form of discipline is unjustifiable.

 For that person who gave me that unwarranted advice, look at yourself first because who you are now is not really a pleasant result of your monstrous parenting tip. 
Daily Prompt: Admire


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