Pensive Thoughts About Pediatric Cancer

Pensive Thoughts About Pediatric Cancer

For the past days, I had been a religiously following the posts in Facebook of Humans of New York. It’s about pediatric cancer and how to help in fighting the big C. Though I and the people I love have not (hopefully never) faced any battle with cancer, it still brings me sadness to see patients and their families struggling and fighting this fatal and tricky disease.

We all know that a battle with cancer is a tough fight and the probability of losing is very high. As a mom, the topic of pediatric cancer and seeing young patients hanging on to their lives are heartbreaking. I actually cried while reading most of the stories from HONY.

I feel bad for the poor health of the kids and for those who lost the battle. I feel the pain and guilt of parents. I feel their hope, courage and faith that they can win the battle against their child’s cancer. I admire the strength, maturity and hopefulness of these kids. I am also overwhelmed on how many great doctors and nurses are sacrificing their own time and lives to help the patients and their families.

The pictures and stories behind each post of HONY in Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center are very meaningful. It is enough to tell the world that there are cancer patients who are still in the battlefield. Some who have lost are the inspiration of other patients and researchers. Even though they are in the losing end right now, they know that their fight today is the key to win in the future.

My words and pensive ideas are not enough to describe how each of us can help to fight the cancer. Today’s the last day for HONY‘s fundraising. I hope this daily prompt can help. Every cent counts, please consider donating:



Gracie’s Beads (as seen in HONY‘s page). She was diagnosed with DIPG and was given a year to live. Her parents did not give up so they came to Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center.

Gracie’s life has been saved because of an experimental antibody. This is the result of a fundraising for the research for the cure of DIPG. See more stories of hope in HONY and you can still donate here.


Daily Prompt: Pensive

Credits to Humans of New York

Credits for featured photo: Pediatric Cancer Foundation of the Lehigh Valley



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