Flourish Like A Tiny Seed

Flourish Like A Tiny Seed

I was but a tiny seed,
Taken from high above a sturdy tree.
I was helplessly lying on a dirty soil.
The dirt that I could not stand.
Every thing l saw and heard had terrified me.
The loneliness succumbed me.

My teeny-weeny voice was left unheard.
There was no one to listen.
Why would I even hope that I would be saved?
Slowly, my little hope started to wilt.

The rain came and went.
It seemed to mock and laugh about my misery.
The rain buried me deeper into the dirt,
Until I could no longer see the light and other trees.

I thought it was the end.
But I wasn’t ready to take a last breath.
Even if I had been lonely and hopeless,
Facing my end was still terrifying.
I did not want death so I hoped to live.

My wilting hope started to grow again.
It was slow but it made me stronger.
The pouring rain became my friend.
It was my only visitor in my shallow grave.
The dirt and soil became my home.
I saw little roots coming out from me.
My lost soul had chosen a place to stay.
I knew I was safe at the dirty and stinky soil.

Then, I started to grow taller.
I was a little sprout protected by soil and fed by rain.
I saw the sun after a long time.
And I knew my hope had saved me.

My tiny leaves welcomed the sunshine with a big hug.
The sun became my dream, my goal.
I seek to reach it so I could give it a real hug.
So I stretched further and further until I grew taller.

The rain thought it was funny
But it supported me all the way.
The soil and dirt kept me in place
So I would not be lost again.

Then, one day, as I rested from my pursuit.
I decided to look down to soil.
There I was so tall but the soil had kept me standing up.
It told me to stay rooted in the ground
As I was near in reaching the sun.

The wind also became a regular visitor.
It just wanted to tease and put me down.
Blowing me away to test my strength.
I decided to just let it blow.
It could only sway my branches and leaves.
But it could never bring me down.
Because I was deeply rooted to my home, the soil
Because I had my friend, the rain to accompany me.
Because I had the sun, my dream.

The tiny seed had flourished
Thanks to dirt, soil, rain and sun.
The test of the wind was surpassed
And I now stood above everyone else.

Daily prompt: Flourish
Credits to photo owner

Flourish builds on Dr. Seligman’s game-changing work on optimism, motivation, and character to show how to get the most out of life, unveiling an electrifying new theory of what makes a good life – for individuals, for communities, and for nations.


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