Object of Hope

Object of Hope

My main objects of hope are my three kids: Dei, Lei, and Sochi. There are other people, things, and dreams that also inspire and give me hope. However, my three little munchkins are more than enough.

Choosing Your Object of Hope

I chose my children as my hope. These are three beautiful lives that depend on every decision and action I make. They are God’s reminder that I am doing something good and great.

Do you have your own source of hope? It can be anything or anyone. It can be your dreams. It can be your religion. It can be your mom’s or grandma’s life story or their warm hug and a calm voice saying, “everything’s gonna be OK.”

If you have your source of hope, you can be brave enough to survive, to fight and to soar higher.

Your Hope Gives You Strength

Life’s a bitch and so am I. Having three beating hearts to surround me with unconditional love and to entrust me with their future, I know I have to be stronger and wiser. I know I have to protect and mold them into good people. I have become a mother lion who will fight for them.

Haven’t you felt more eager to leave the darkness after seeing the light from the end of that tunnel? You will do anything to reach that light. You will be more eager and more energize to find your way out.

Based on personal experience, having hope is like getting an extra dose of insulin to finish the line. So, choose your object of hope wisely.

Be Wise When Choosing Your Source of Hope

Hope is not just a feeling but  a source of your power and energy. Based on HQ by Ray Johnston, what’s at the heart of every thriving person, every thriving marriage, kid, and business? Hope!

That’s why it is important to have hope because of the right person and right goals. If your reason for fighting is the person or dream that actually causes you to do the wrong things, then expect further destruction.

For example, don’t see hope from a guy who’s constantly cheating or mistreating you. Instead, see hope from the kids who depend their future on you. See hope from the family who wants a better life from you. Don’t see hope from false promises and quick-rich schemes such as MLM and networking scams. You will have to make false promises and pretend someone you are not just to earn some commission. Instead, see hope from your acquired talents and skills, from the recognition of your bosses and colleagues and from the advice of people who have achieved their dreams by doing the right thing.

More Reasons Why You Need Hope

In the book,  HQ by Ray Johnston, there are 11 things unleashed in one’s life once there is hope:

  1. You have more nourishing and healthier relationships.
  2. You become more productive.
  3. Your stress tolerance increases.
  4. You become more successful in achieving your goals.
  5. You feel more satisfaction.
  6. You tend to be more compassionate towards others.
  7. You’re more willing to give a helping hand.
  8. You’re physically fitter.
  9. You stick to your higher moral and ethical standards.
  10. You’re more confident to assume leadership.
  11. You’re faith to God is restored and you see him as a loving, caring, and forgiving God.

Daily Prompt: Hope


This book will help you discover your HQ level and learn the seven key factors that, when built into your life, unleash hope. When you have genuine hope—not trite, pious platitudes but authentic hope that produces inner strength and confidence—anything is possible.



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