Music – The Corrs is Back in 2016

Music – The Corrs is Back in 2016

I heard The Corrs music when I was about fifteen years old. That was in 1998. Their popular song in the Philippines back then was “Runaway.” Judy Ann and Ryan Agoncillo even made it their wedding theme song in the year 1999.

I know they are Irish and I think it’s cute to have a band with your siblings. I love them because their music is really beautiful. They are equally blessed with their musical talent that made them rose to fame even in my country.

I am no expert about music especially about Irish music but listening to their instrumental hits like “Rebel Heart” is refreshing to my ears. I remember I just close my eyes and listen to their whole album. I bought the “Unplugged (The Corrs Album)” by the way and I just found out yesterday that it was produced in 1999 by MTV as part of its Unplugged Series.

I know their music by heart. For many years, I never heard any news about them. I didn’t even realize it has been decade because their songs are still in my very short playlist.

Then, I saw in Daily Prompt that I could write about music and The Corrs was my first idea. I searched online thinking of writing about where are they now.

I just found out that they somehow disband, had solo careers, focused on family. A lot had happened. The good news is they are back together as “The Corrs” and they are set to release a new album White Light for 2016.

I’m excited to hear the songs of their new album. Will I learn to love their Irish music again? I don’t know yet. I’m just sure their music is something I learned to love almost a decade ago. Here’s the official website of my favorite Irish band:


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