Reblogging: My Quick Experience with Smart’s Spinnr Philippines

Reblogging: My Quick Experience with Smart’s Spinnr Philippines

Reblogging from my Blogspot:

Tuesday, January 13, 2015

What is SPINNR?

Smart launched the first music streaming service in the Philippines and it is unlimited. Spinner can be accessed any time of the day using desktop, smartphone and tablet. Mobile phone owners can access it via browsers.All users from the Philippines can access Spinnr. Their Free Radio is available for everyone in the country. If you are a Smart, Sun, Talk N’ Text and PLDT user, you can get full access to their music library, offline streaming, and playlists. The good news is there are no additional data charges!

How to Register to SPINNR

You can register to Spinnr using your Smart/Talk N’ Text/Sun mobile or PLDT landline phone number. It is available for prepaid and postpaid users.

How to Access SPINNR 

Via desktop

Go to this site

Via mobile phone – Download the Spinnr Mobile Application in your Android or iPhone.

Register for free using your Spinnr Mobile Application

How to stop your SPINNR subscription

I had a hard time looking for a way to unsubscribe my Spinnr subscription. My Google searching skills did not work. So, I sent a tweet to @SpinnerPH and they gave me this very simple step:

Via SMS send this message to 4067: QUIT


Compare to other music streaming services like Spotify and Deezer, Spinner is way cheaper and you can use your prepaid load or have it charged on your postpaid bill. With regard to music quality, it’s satisfactory and it depends on your mobile data or wi-fi connection. I didn’t find some of the songs I wanted to hear, but I guess these would be available soon.Just be aware that your Spinner subscription is automatically renewed once it expires. That’s fine if you want to continue the service.

My case is a good example when I decided to test Spinnr. I thought their one-day package meant the subscriber can use the service for one day and automatically expires the next day. However, I automatically re-subscribed the following day. If Smart is smart enough they will not do that. I prefer to get confirmation (like some users) if I want to continue my one-day subscription, right? I could have signed up for a longer period.  What’s the use of having different subscription offers  if I am not asked what I wanted after my subscription expires? Just my two cents.

Here are their offerings (as of March 30, 2016):

All-access Packages are as follows:

Trial – Free for 15 days – Text TRIAL to 4067

Daily – Text SP1 to 4067

Monthly – Text SVIP to 4067

Live – Text LIVE to 4067

Should I subscribe again to one of these offerings? I might because I like music and I can afford it. At least now, I know how to unsubscribe. For now, I am happier streaming my favorite movies and TV series using iflix and I will be writing a review soon about it.

Want to know more about Smart’s SPINNR? Check out these links:

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Facebook Page: SpinnrPhilippines

Smart’s Postpaid Music: Spinnr


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