Restaurant Review | The Secret Office in San Pedro Laguna

Restaurant Review | The Secret Office in San Pedro Laguna

The Secret Office is a burger restaurant in San Pedro City of Laguna. I don’t know where it got its name but its location is actually away from the busy business streets of San Pedro and it appears to be a secret location revealed only by happy customers who have tasted their burgers.

We visited the place last March 16. Initially, I thought that it was risky for a food business to be away from the business district but, when I saw the house was full on a typical Wednesday night, I knew I was very wrong.   I was immediately curious why the place seems to have earned a lot of patrons and my expectations became higher.


The Secret Office

The Secret Office in San Pedro Laguna

As mentioned, the restaurant is found in a residential area, Camella South-1,  in Cuyab, San Pedro City. There are no other food establishments nearby and the street is really quiet. The place seems secure. However, you will need to have your own transportation to easily get into the restaurant or you can hire a tricycle located at the back of the Super 8 Supermarket.

Dining Area
In the balcony, there’s already one long wooden table and several chairs. Maybe, some customers would prefer to eat there but, given the heat of the summer and lack of fan, I did not want to stay outside.
Inside the restaurant has more tables. The main dining area has five tables with two to four chairs while the smaller room has two to three tables. That night, all tables were full except for the one in the balcony. People just stay there to wait for a vacant table inside the resto.
The restaurant has a split type aircon but is not cool enough for the crowd. They needed to turn on a fan and air cooler to keep everyone happy. Each table has a bottle of tomato ketchup, mustard, and hot sauce. If you want mayonnaise, you need to ask the server.

Customer Sevice
There were two young men when we went there for dinner. At first, only one guy was out to accommodate all incoming customers. It was the second visit for my partner and he said I should wait for the menu from the server.
I was patiently waiting for the server to approach us but, when I saw the kid was going back and forth and ignoring us, I realized I needed to walk to the counter to give our orders. And I am right. The moment I got in front of him, he quickly asked if we are ready to order. I told him not yet because the menu is not given to us (it was just lying on the counter top).
I knew by then that the  kid has no training and is not following specific instructions on how to accommodate hungry and impatient customers. I guess he’s blood-related to the owner. So, I decided to have more patience and understanding because it’s really hard to deal with a lot of customers alone and untrained.

The second young guy went out to help after fifteen minutes. His presence somehow helped ease the long line of customers who are either waiting for their burgers or vacant tables. Still, they both have the same look and move. They are both young and not really trained to serve.


After about 20 minutes, our beloved burgers were served. I ordered the C.E.O (Php 160) which promised a treat of a lot of cheese while my partner ordered the Angry Boss (Php 200). The prices of their burger meals range from Php 110 to Php 200. It consists of your choice of burger, some fries, and iced tea. The chicken wings which is available in different flavors cost Php 120. Their San Mig Light and San Mig Apple cost Php 40 each.

The Secret Office | C.E.O - Php 160

The Secret Office | C.E.O – Php 160


The Secret Office | Angry Boss - Php 200

The Secret Office | Angry Boss – Php 200

That’s all in their menu. There are few choices but I guess they want the customers to focus on their burgers.

So, here’s my verdict on the burger. I only ate my C.E.O burger and it was a great experience. The bun is special. It tasted good and soft. It didn’t look cheap as well. The vegetables (lettuce, tomato, and pickle) were fresh and crispy which I did not expect. The burger patty is pure beef and I didn’t felt or tasted any oil or fat. I also loved the cheese.  As promised for a C.E.O burger, I had the best cheeseburger in my whole life. I checked out every part of my burger and I can give five out of five stars for all its ingredients!

For the chicken wings, we ordered the buffalo wings. It was about six small pieces with the buffalo wing flavor. It’s so-so and, if you are not really looking for extra protein in your meal, you can exclude this from your order.

The iced tea is good but needs more ice. I ordered a San Mig Apple as well and they gave me a warm bottle plus a small plastic cup with some ice.


The price of the burger is justified. Nothing on the burger looked or tasted cheap. I will not mind paying its price because the food is really awesome.


Overall, The Secret Office offers one of the best burgers in San Pedro City. I can only guarantee though for their burgers because their chicken wings need to be improved. For the waiting time for the burgers, I guess it’s still possible to shorten the period or, perhaps, they give customers the expected time to get the orders.

I also hope they can improve their customer service. I understand that they get a lot of customers but it is the restaurant’s responsibility to adjust for the customers. They should make it clear if it is a self-service restaurant because it seems they are not consistent on how they serve the customers. Their facilities also need improvement because it’s warm inside and outside the restaurant. Maybe, provide more fans especially it’s summer.

Again, I am so happy with my C.E.O burger.

4.5/5 stars


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