Parenting Issues | Yaya (Horror) Stories | Part 1. Stealing

Parenting Issues | Yaya (Horror) Stories | Part 1. Stealing


I know every working parent who hired someone else to take care of their child or children have their own bad experience to share about their nannies (yayas) .  I have three kids and I have a handful of disappointing and bad experience from our hired nannies. I’m just thankful no one dared to hurt my children or maybe they are just good at hiding any evidence.

I have thought of writing about it today because I felt that updating my Facebook status is not enough to share my rants.  I also want to hear from parents who want to share their own horror stories about their yayas and how they handle or manage it. I know some have the worse experience than mine. Here’s  my story about the helpers who steal my child’s milk and diapers.

Meet Anne, Sochi’s Nanny

For the last quarter of 2015, I am really looking forward to getting a house help because my mom is too old and grumpy to do the laundry and daily cleaning. We hired two helpers. Let’s call one of them Anne and she became Sochi’s nanny and the other is Rain who became the house help.

Anne was hired a few months earlier than Rain who is her sister-in-law. Though my mom is quite discontented with Anne’s service, she managed to stay with us for a few months because my dear cousin who’s been taking care of my boys had left us for a contractual job in Angeles City.

When I’m around, Anne seemed sweet and caring to my kids, especially to Sochi. Honestly, at first, Sochi was happy that Anne was around. My kid would even prefer that Anne held him when he was confined in the hospital. Though I felt jealous, I became confident that Sochi was in good hands.

Things started to change when Anne was the only one left as our nanny. My mom had to consecutively terminate two other nannies (Also, Anne’s sister-in-laws) because they were not helpful at all. Anne’s work did not change. She had to take care of my youngest son. That means she had to change Sochi’s diaper, give him a bath twice a day, feed him on time, play with him, make sure he’s safe from any danger and stay with him during nap time.

Sometimes, my two older kids, Dei and Lei, would watch TV or play with them but I was pretty sure she was not obliged to take care of them. So, I wonder what went wrong with Anne.

Sochi became irritable and started disliking Anne. He would cry the whole time until my mom or dad or I would get him from Anne. I started to feel stress when I am at home on a Saturday especially when I had weekend work.  My parents, who think I have the nanny to help me, will let me deal with three demanding and crying kids. I have no proof if Anne’s hurting or neglecting my Sochi but Anne was doing a good job to make my son hate her.

Here Comes Rain

Before November ends, my mom hired Rain to do the laundry and clean the house. My mom said Rain presented herself as someone with good experience in doing household chores. Rain is married with a five-year-old and three-year-old kids. From what I understand, her husband is from Bataan and a farmer. They live in the house of her husband’s parents.

I thought it Sochi would be back to his old self and love Anne again but nothing’s changed. As days passed, Sochi disliked Anne more and more.

The Chores of Anne and Rain

Rain and Anne are both staying out. They come in at 6 AM and leave between 5 PM and 6 PM. If joining my son to sleep for the next two to three hours is considered a rest, then Anne is getting more than two hours of break including breakfast, lunch and snack breaks. We have a canteen so eating is not a problem. On the other hand, Rain can sit down and relax for as many hours as long as she is done with the laundry and house cleaning. She will just need to clean again before leaving the house.

Unexplained Disappearance of Milk and Diapers

I have enough budget every payday to buy the needs of my kids. I make sure that before anything else I have bought them boxes of milk and packs of diapers that can last for more than two weeks.

At first, I was surprised that Sochi’s diapers were almost gone in just ten days. It usually happens when he has diarrhea or if I tried a cheaper brand of diaper. However, both did not happen.

Then, the milk cans are quickly emptied. Did Sochi have more appetite when drinking his milk? He didn’t gain weight and he still loves to eat rice and other foods.  Also, he’s my third kid and he was not as voracious as Lei in drinking milk. Lei can’t consume a 300-gram pouch of Enfagrow A+ for less than eight hours so how can Sochi, my little guy, drink all that milk!

I felt something was really wrong when the 1.2 kg of Enfagrow A+ was gone in less than four days. I borrowed money from my brother to buy that box of milk because his supply of formula was almost gone in 12 days which I did not expect.

I remember my mom’s message telling me to buy milk again (after four days) before I go home. I was wondering if they were wasting the milk or if Sochi was really that hungry. The following day, my mom finally noticed that something’s off. At around 8 AM, she gave Anne a 300-gram pouch of Sochi’s milk to be placed in the canister. After they left at 5 PM, my mom saw that the canister had empty and Sochi had only three used milk bottles for the day.

Let’ do the math, one scoop of milk = five grams. One bottle of milk uses four scoops.

So, 4 scoops of milk x 5 grams = 20 grams per bottle.

3 bottles of milk x 20 grams = 60 grams

One pouch has 300 grams:

300 grams – 60 grams used = 240 grams should be left!

It’s crystal clear someone else is using my son’s milk. It made us also realize why the diapers are gone so quickly. We know Rain is the actual culprit and Anne is probably an accomplice.  Rain has the reasons. Her child needs the milk and diapers. Still, it made my blood boil with anger.

My mom confronted Anne about it. She was frank about knowing that Rain is doing it. Anne never admitted her part on stealing my son’s goods but how would Rain get all that courage to steal from us if Anne’s not there to back her up?

I now stealing is a serious accusation but can they explain why the milk and diapers are gone quickly? I even set aside the thought that a milk bottle of Dylan and a new set of nipples that went missing were also stolen.

When my mom started to control and oversee the release of diapers and milk, the supply flow becomes normal again. The milk boxes lasted for more than two weeks and there was an oversupply of diapers.

I know life’s hard especially if you have a low-paying job but stealing is not right. You don’t bite the hand that feeds you. How can you feed your child something’s that stolen?


After the confrontation with Anne, who denied her involvement, they both told us that they will just work until the end of December. Anne’s reason was she was pregnant and Rain’s reason was she want to focus on her family. I consider it good riddance.

I asked my mom to be quiet about it because I don’t want to embarrass my relative who brought them to us.

For now, my mom has a distaste of hiring helpers again. Every time she remembered Anne and Rain, she can’t help but become teary-eyed because of anger and betrayal. She really liked Anne in the beginning.

Today, my mom dutifully takes care of my three kids while I am at work. Though it’s tiring, we save a lot of milk, diapers, laundry items (Rain is also overusing these regardless of how much they cost) and we have a peace of mind.

Leviticus 19:11

‘You shall not steal, nor deal falsely, nor lie to one another.



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