Mom’s Fashion | Empire Waistline For Pear Shapes

Mom’s Fashion | Empire Waistline For Pear Shapes

A waistline is the distinction line that separates the upper and lower parts of a clothing. In general, a waistline should match the natural waist but it can also differ with fashion. A waistline can be placed from below the bust line to below the hips.

The main reason behind the different places of a waistline is to accentuate different body shapes. It is also a significant boundary where shaping darts can be finished like those need to be sewn over the bust and those in the back.

Empire Waistline

My favorite type of waistline when choosing my dress is the empire waist. Sad to say, I am very conscious with my bulging tummy that I always look for a way to make it disappear when I choose my clothes. An empire waistline is situated just below the bust and designed to horizontally cut across the body. This makes the body look longer and slender.

In general, the dress is made up of a fitting bodice that ends below the bust so the waistline looks like a high-waist. It is then supported below by a long and loosely gathered skirt that skims the body. This kind of outline is very flattering for pear-shaped bodies who want to create a disguise for the stomach or emphasize the bust area.

The empire waistline has become very popular during the time of Jane Austen (18th-century writer). It is a fashion style in women’s also known as empire line, empire silhouette, empire waist or just plainly empire.

The Empire Dresses for Moms

Fortric Women 3/4 Sleeve Ruched Waist Classy V-Neck Casual Cocktail Dress

I very much like the colors burgundy, purple and green. You can match it with this white pearl necklace Elegant Women’s White Pearl Bead Cluster Bib Collar Choker Necklace. I prefer wearing knee length dress so I will look taller (I am 5 feet in height). It has a vintage effect and can make anyone look slimmer. The cocktail empire waist dress is perfect for casual and evening parties.

MarysGift Women’s Summer Plus Size Floral Short Sleeve Long Maxi Casual Dress

I pick the summer floral maxi dress as a must for moms. The empire waistline is stretchable and has a V-neck.This maxi dress can be worn if you are out for the holidays, evening party, a walk on the beach or just shopping. The dress is available in ten different colors and patterns.

Glamour Empire Women’s Knee Length Short Sleeve Jersey Skater Summer Dress

Another knee length empire dress I can wear at any time and any place. The short sleeve jersey skater summer dress is specially designed to accentuate the waist and its fabric can be stretched so it’s guaranteed comfortable for a mom on the go. Wear it at day or at night and it’s still a tasteful choice. I will pick the fuchsia, powder pink or cappuccino colors because they seem to look good in the middle of the day or at a starry night.


Ever Pretty NWT One Shoulder Ruffles Padded Bridesmaid Dress

I know this is a bridesmaid’s dress but I can’t help to add this on my list because of how a gorgeous mom will look great in this one shoulder dress. If you are looking for a mother of the bride dress or you are attending a cocktail or wedding event, why not wear something that can make you look gorgeous? Hide your flaws and emphasize your bust. Add up to the glam by wearing this set of jewelry: Gorgeous Rhinestone Crystal Necklace Earrings Jewelry Set by Preciastore

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