Team Building Activity | Let’s Play Bowling at Makati Cinema Square

Team Building Activity | Let’s Play Bowling at Makati Cinema Square

For our October team building, we decided to play bowling at Superbowl. The bowling alley is located in the 3rd floor of Makati Cinema Square, Pasong Tamo, Makati City. We got there by car from our office in Ayala Avenue. Thankfully, the number of cars is enough to bring us all in the venue.

According to its Puyat Sports website, there are about 40 bowling lanes in Superbowl. In addition, there are 20 tournament billiard tables available for rent also. The rental fee depends on the time and day of your game. Here are the prices:


  • Monday to Friday – Php 100/game/person from its opening to 5 PM
  • Monday to Thursday – Php 130/game/person from 5 PM to closing
  • Friday – Php 140/game/person from 5 PM to closing
  • Saturday and Sunday – Php 130/game/person for the whole day
  • Holidays – Php 140/game/person for the whole day

Shoe rental – Php  35/pair


  • Table 1 –  Php 250/hr for the whole day
  • Table 2 – Php 330/hr for the whole day
  • Table 3 to 13 – Php  250/hr for the whole day
  • Table 14 to 20 – Php 220/hr for the whole day

Superbowl is Old But Cool

We got in the Superbowl at around 6 PM. Our activity coordinator paid for our reservations. It took her almost 20 minutes to confirm that we are already settled and could start our mini bowling competition. The first thing we did was to change to bowling shoes. There are a lot of available bowling shoes for all sizes. I appreciate the fact that the shoes look and smell clean even if old.

Superbowl | Bowling Shoes at Php 35/pair

Superbowl | Bowling Shoes at Php 35/pair

Bowling as Team Building Activity

Once we had worn our bowling shoes, we set up our game. It was a game of three rounds, but we couldn’t be divided into two equally:

  • 1st round: 5 vs. 4
  • 2nd round: 5 vs. 6
  • 3rd round: 5 vs. 6

Most of us are not bowling players. Though I had duckpin bowling for my P.E. class in college, a real bowling was very different, especially the balls are very heavy for my small hands. However, it did not stop us to have fun and have a very friendly competition.

Superbowl | Scoreboards

Superbowl | Scoreboards | Round 1

We had real bonding here. We cheered our teammates and teased our opponents. We captured those funny moments when one had a strike or spare. It was one of the happy activities especially all of us are a good sport.Well, my team won even if we were fewer for the last two rounds and each of us got a prize of Php 500.

However, three rounds of bowling could drain our energy. I already felt hunger and thirst before the first round ended. I asked our coordinator if she could get us all some snacks. There were several food booths within the bowling area. We got our pizza and drinks after ordering for less than an hour. So, all of us were really hungry and thirsty when the food came! We should have ordered food before the game started.

Superbowl | Play like a pro

Superbowl | Play like a pro

My Personal Bowling Musings

For my bowling experience, I only had one strike and some spare scores. My arm easily got tired because I lack the exercise. At certain points, my bowling ball went to the gutter because I could no longer control my arm especially when I became hungry. There were several balls available starting from 5 kg to 12 kg (I guess.). I started with a 5 kg but was not happy with the outcome. I tried a 6 kg ball too. I finally settled to a 7 kg ball because I was more comfortable and I was getting better scores when I used it.

Take note, the finger holes of the balls seem to differ in sizes. Make sure your fingers fit perfectly in the holes or you might end up hurting your fingers if the holes are too small. I did my best to contribute to our team’s score. I have always remembered my P.E teacher’s instruction for duckpin bowling when controlling the ball. He said we only need three steps before throwing the ball:

  • The first step – Position and hold the ball firmly
  • The second step – Sway your arm with the ball using all your force.
  • The third step – Release the ball. Make sure your arm and hand are both relaxed or else you will lose control.

Even a weak arm can keep a straight path for the ball by just following it. If you have enough force, you can even get a strike. Usually, if you are already tired, you forgot to relax and control your reflexes. So, don’t feel bad if you are not scoring in the middle part of the game.


Bowling as a team building activity is highly recommended. It brings out the positive attitude of co-workers. A little competition is a good way to have teamwork.  Good sportsmanship is also important, but it’s easy to attain for a group of co-workers who have grown to like and trust each other.

Do you wish to know more the techniques on how to play bowling? Check out this post.


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