School Activity | Educational Field Trip | My Musings When EZEE Goes to the City

School Activity | Educational Field Trip | My Musings When EZEE Goes to the City

November 24, 2015

It was Dei’s first field trip at EZEE Center for the Arts and School and my first time to accompany my own kid. Dei was not excited until she saw on TV a segment about Star City, a part of the trip’s itinerary, and the only one I could recall during my short conversations with school staff.

Dei’s clearly anticipating our trip that she got up from bed at 4 am without any fuss. My mom prepared her and we were at school at 4:45 am. Call time was 5 am. So, we were 15 minutes early.

Did we leave on time?
I am aware that a lot of Filipinos still utilize the “Filipino time.” Filipino time means one or more hours late which is often practiced by some Filipinos.

I was still hopeful that we would leave at exactly 5 am or, at least, 5:30 am. But, we left past 6 am which was one hour late. I just rolled my eyes when I realized a lot of people would be late all the time  for the whole trip.

Some parents and students came as late as 6 am. I was unaware however if some of the school staff were so late.

Frankly, the whole event exemplified the Filipino time attitude. In every stop, we had to wait for an extra hour or more for other people. I think Dei and I were 15 minutes late when we needed to take a pee before the opening of the science event so we were also a little guilty.

On a side note, dearest moms and dads, please be on time so we can reach the destination as scheduled. This is also what’s fair for those who are responsible enough to wake up early and reach the school on time. I know there are unavoidable matters that can cause tardiness. I know as well that most of you don’t have unavoidable matter as an excuse. I honestly don’t find humor about Filipinos practicing Filipino time.

How was the Bus Ride?
The buses were operated by Genesis Transport. I like the buses of Genesis because I haven’t experienced yet a reckless driver or rude staff when I commute in one of their buses. Their terminal in Cubao is another story, though.

We were designated in Bus 1. All pre-school and half of Grade 1 students occupied the bus. Their teachers and some staff members joined us too. A female tour guide was on board to explain things related to our activities. I didn’t get her name, but she is under White Dove Tours.

The bus was old and didn’t have Wi-Fi. It was clean and the driver and his assistant were good in doing their jobs. I just wish they provided the Wi-Fi. Genesis buses for commuting have it so it should be available even during field trips.

How was the Traffic in Manila?
We left Pampanga at 6 am and we were already in Quezon City at past 7 am. Our first stop was the Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina. Our route was from Katipunan Avenue.

Since it was already past 7 am, there was already heavy traffic in Katipunan. That kind of traffic is normal because Katipunan has lots of big schools like Ateneo, UP and Miriam College and 7 am is the peak time for students’ arrivals. The heavy volume of cars is caused by the rich students who has to go to their schools.

Once we got out of Katipunan, the traffic became lighter. We reached Philippine Science Centrum at 8:45 am. The place was still close, but we had to get out of the bus to look for a restroom. We really need to pee! There’s a nearby mall which was also still close. The only open restroom was in its Jollibee outlet.

There goes the long line inside Jollibee of travelers who needed to use the toilet. The teachers had to cut the line because we were already late for the show in the Philippine Science Centrum. I and Dei were the last lucky team to use the toilet. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get Dei some breakfast.

Our next stop was in Art in Island located in Cubao, Quezon City. The traffic was moderate even as we go to SM Mall of Asia via EDSA.

We experienced heavy traffic on our way back to Pampanga. We were stuck for almost an hour somewhere in Manila. I was already half asleep so I was unsure where we were that time. All I remember was we left Star City at 8 pm and we were back in EZEE at 10:45 pm.

What were the Activities during the Field Trip?

White Dove Tours had prepared these activities for us:
Attending the show in Philippine Science Centrum in Marikina
Appreciating Art in Art in Island Museum in Cubao
Have Lunch and relax in SM MOA
Experience the rides in Star City

Please check my post here about these places.



Overall, I can give this field trip 4 out of 5 stars.
5 out of 5 stars for the activities. The kids enjoyed each stop. I’m sure Dei had fun.
4 out of 5 stars for the transportation. I could have given 5 stars if there was a Wi-Fi.
3 out of 5 stars for the organizers. I know the job of the tour guides are not easy, but they should be prepared and more organized.

It was a hard time for my daughter and I when we looked for our bus and tour guide at around 7 PM. Seriously, you really had to go around Star City to look for your bus passengers? You could have stayed put in one place where everyone can easily see you. Also, the school staff should have been stricter with the schedule and have allocated enough space for all passengers. As much as possible, no one should sit on the bus’ aisle or floor. It’s inconvenient and unsafe.

Parents should be more responsible too. We’re role models for our children, right? Be on time. Bring lots of baon (meal and snacks) and water so you and your kid won’t get hungry if stuck in traffic and you won’t spend much. Bring an extra set of clean clothes. Get clear instructions from the tour guide.

Lastly, enjoy each stop. It’s a day out with your kid. For every opportunity, I held Dei’s hand, took a picture of her, asked her if she’s happy, find ways to make her laugh and made sure she was not hungry and uncomfortable.

Even if I was tired and quite pissed with the delays, my focus was to make sure Dei’s first field trip would be a happy and memorable event. Her smiles and sparkling eyes were enough to forget my stress that day because I know she was tired too, but she was having fun.



Everything here is my opinion. 🙂 I would be happy to receive your own feedback or comment about your own experience with your child’s field trip.



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