How to Get Your NBI Clearance

How to Get Your NBI Clearance

One of the requirements to change from non-professional to a professional license in LTO is to provide an NBI clearance or Police Clearance or Court Clearance. My partner chose to get an NBI clearance to complete LTO’s requirements. So, what are the steps we followed to get his NBI clearance?

The very first step is to apply and get a schedule online for your NBI clearance.

Here are the steps on how to schedule an appointment for your NBI Clearance:

  1. Click this NBI Clearance site and setup your account if you are a new user/applicant.

    NBI Clearance Website Welcome Page

    NBI Clearance Website Welcome Page

  2. After filling out the form, click “Sign Up” and accept the “Terms of Service” NBI Terms of Service.

    NBI Terms of Service

    NBI Terms of Service

  3. Once you’ve signed up, you will be re-directed to your profile. The link should be something like this: “”
  4. Complete the application form by providing correct information. Upload also a decent photo of yours. Save your information.

    NBI Completed Form

    NBI Completed Form

  5. After completing your application form, you can now apply for your NBI clearance.Apply for NBI Clearance
  6. Choose the date and location for your NBI clearance application. Also, provided the Purpose and purpose detail of your application.

    NBI Schedule

    NBI Schedule

  7. Once done, choose your payment type. Take note that each payment center has different service charges. I checked BPI’s and BDO’s charges and the latter is cheaper.  In NBI’s site, you will see this notice:

    Please be informed that an additional service fee of 25 pesos to be charged if you pay outside NBI OFFICE. 

    NBI Clearance Accredited Banks

    NBI Clearance Accredited Banks

    NBI Accredited Bayad Center

    NBI Accredited Bayad Center

    NBI Accredited Online Bank

    NBI Accredited Online Banks

  8. Get the details of the payment center and pay the fee in your chosen center.
  9. You will receive a confirmation email within a few minutes that you are paid.
  10. Save your reference number and wait for the date of your appointment. In case you failed to show up on your schedule, you have 10 working days to follow up your clearance.

The second step is to visit the NBI branch to get your photo and fingerprint capture.

If you have no hit, your clearance will be for printing else you have to wait for at least five days to get your clearance.


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