LTO Guide | How to Change from Non-Professional to Professional License

LTO Guide | How to Change from Non-Professional to Professional License

My partner is planning to join GrabCar so he needs to update his driver’s license from non-pro to professional. Since I am the one who has the patience to search online, I am the one who looked for the requirements and procedures. I am listing them here today and hopefully, create posts for every step we will take to get a professional license.

It’s not complicated as you think. I just want you guys to see how much money and time we have to spend when updating your license to professional.

What are the requirements?

  • Your driver’s license which is either expired or non-expired
  • Completely fill out the application form for driver’s license (ADL).
  • A medical certificate from LTO accredited or government physician. Show your official receipt too.
  • A negative drug test result from a government hospital or DOH accredited drug testing center
  • Clearance/certificate – any of the following
    • NBI Clearance – It costs 165 pesos if paid thru BDO. Check my post on how to get an NBI clearance.
    • Court Clearance
    • Police Clearance
  • If your driver’s license is still valid, you should have passed the written examination.
  • If your driver’s license is expired or your application have additional restriction code (ARC),  you should have passed the written and practical examinations.
  • Your tax identification number (TIN) in compliance to EO 98 and MC ACL-2009-1251.

Are your requirements complete? Then, check out the steps on changing your LTO non-pro driver’s license to professional.

What are the Steps?

  1. You should go to the counter for customer service and get a checklist of requirements and a driver’s license application form. You can also download online the application form. Get a queue number.
  2. Once your number is called, proceed to the evaluator counter and submit all the requirements so these can be checked if they are valid and complete
  3. Wait for your name to be called for picture taking. In the photo booth, your picture and signature will be taken.
  4. Pay the application fee to the cashier.
  5. Proceed to the examination room  where you have to attend the lecture and pass the written exam.
  6. Once you passed the written test, you will be called for the practical exam
  7. If you passed the practical exam, you have to pay the fees to the cashier once your name is called. An official receipt (OR) will be provided to you.
  8. Your last stop is the releasing counter, your name will be called. You have to present your OR and claim your professional license card.

Here are the other  conditions for applicants changing from non-professional to professional driver’s license:

  • If the non-professional license is valid and if there’s no additional restriction code, only written examination will be conducted.
  • If the non-professional license is valid and if there’s additional restriction code,  written and actual examinations for the restriction code applied for will be given.
  • If non-professional is expired, conduct written and practical examination.
  • If the non-professional license is dormant, conduct written and practical examinations.

You can go to any LTO licensing center/ district office with new driver’s license transactions to change your license to professional.

For fees and charges, please check out this link.

Source: Change of classification: non-professional to professional


Update on getting LTO Professional Driver’s License:

UPON the prodding of senators , the Land Transportation   Office (LTO) is temporarily suspending its policy, requiring  applicants for a professional driver to get a clearance from the police and the  National Bureau of Investigation.

Source: LTO suspends new driver’s license requirement | Inquirer News

Take note, as of this time, you either get a police clearance or an NBI clearance or a court clearance.



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