Thoughts to Ponder | How to Celebrate at a Low Budget | My Youngest Son’s Baptism

Thoughts to Ponder | How to Celebrate at a Low Budget | My Youngest Son’s Baptism

Re-sharing my experience when I had to plan a low-budget baptismal celebration for Sochi, my youngest son. It’s originally put in my blogger but I decided to put it here now.

For my first two kids, I spent a lot of money for their baptism and birthday celebrations and these events turned out to be not so perfect or great based on my expectations. So, for my third child, I decided to break traditions, make it memorable and solemn and settle on a reasonable budget. I decided to spend  up to Php20,000 only for this event.

My Rants When I Overspent 

I lived in a province in Pampanga where people’s mentality is to invite everyone in their town for a celebration. I opposed to it but, as a submissive daughter, I gave up to the qualms of my parents. So, we celebrated the traditional way where I invited my friends and family and my parents invited their friends, acquaintances, and family (I didn’t know exist).  We hired cooks and helpers to prepare and serve the food. We bought the ingredients. Setup our house for the event. At one celebration, I rented a pool resort.

For my first child, I spent Php35,000 pesos for her baptismal celebration and another Php30,000 pesos for her 1st birthday.

For my second child, since I wanted to SAVE, I thought of celebrating his baptism and 1st birthday on the same day. I thought I could save, but I still did not spend a reasonable amount. Php45,000 was too much for my pocket and the outcome and post-events were not worth it (in my opinion) especially when I heard complaints and dissatisfaction from my own parents and hubby.  My two toddlers then and some of us also got sick from the food.

Some of the usual issues I encountered was:

1) The cook couldn’t really cook. One cook thought the chili powder was asuete. Another cook thought that the gravy mixture was fried chicken coating. They don’t read labels/instructions!

2) Some visitors couldn’t be entertained and accommodated. It was a big deal for me because some of them traveled hours to join us for the celebration. When we rented a resort, we, who had attended the baptism, didn’t have a table and seats to use and it was already 1 PM. I felt bad because people were already eating even if the baptized baby had not yet arrived. What happened with sticking the traditions?

3) Some visitors, who are just mere acquaintances, lacked good manners. You could see some people getting food and then throwing them to the trashcan or leave it on their table or intentionally spilling drinks. Then, they’ll come back to the table to get more food to waste.

4) The helpers were “bantay-salakay.” Bantay-salakay means they are expected to secure and aid the place or event and at the same time they steal stuff from the celebration.  We had bags of candies and giveaways left, but they were all gone after the party. I also wondered where all the fried chicken went when I only saw a few kilos were served. Cleaning up too much? They also helped themselves packing foods to take home without asking permission first.

Staying on Budget
How to have a low budget for baptism? Compare to my two previous kids, I chose to spend up to Php20,000 only for my bunso’s christening celebration. I also wanted to avoid the stress of preparing and cleaning up. So, I looked for a restaurant that can accommodate us for the celebration.
My qualifications are simple: good food, comfortable and good ambiance. I checked three restaurants near our area: Neneng’s Kamayan, Junjun’s Grill House and Luring’s BBQ House and Restaurant. I picked Luring’s because the food was more affordable. It is popular in our area and it is part of my childhood. Luring’s has been around since I was in elementary school so I know it has a good reputation. How much did I spend for food and reception area? I got it for only Php13,625.
I chose the package that’s good for 70 persons and it’s worth Php11,900. It included the following:
  • Kare-kare
  • Kalderetang Baka
  • Chicken Pastel
  • Lumpiang Shanghai
  • Lengua
  • Rice
  • Bananas
  • Soft drinks
I added 1,000 pesos for the buffet setup and air-con room plus Php625 for the traditional giveaway food  to godparents. I ordered another platter of rice for Php100.
For the giveaways, I ordered mugs for the godparents and 30 pieces photo magnets for the rest of us to Yin Modshoppe. The total cost for my giveaways is Php870. My hubby’s from San Pedro, Laguna so it’s not a problem if we ordered and picked up the items in her shop.
For the balloons and tarpaulins, I spent a total of Php480. Of course, I bought my three children their new clothes and shoes which are Php2,000. Of course, my hubby and I also spent Php2000 for our clothes. Thanks to the October sale of SM malls!
Since I never really found out if godparents have to pay their registration fee for the baptism, I shouldered the payment which is Php600 for six people. I don’t mind paying it though because their presence and gifts are very much appreciated. I was initially planning to only have one pair of godparents, but I was amused on how people came forward to volunteer.
Since I could not get an affordable photographer, I settled for the camera phones and digicams who joined us during the ceremony. My next project now is to create an album of printed pictures. I want to show how to have great pictures without a pro.

Overall, I spent Php19,095 for my bunso’s baptismal celebration last October 26, 2014. All my goals were accomplished Though it’s not extravagant in terms of quantity of food, I was able to serve my visitors with a good meal. I saw most of the people I wanted to be part of the occasion and I was able to give them a little something. Also, all of us are not very tired because there was no place to clean up and the extra food was packed by Luring’s for us to take home. It is possible to celebrate baptism even if you have a low budget!

Source: Mother Pixie Thoughts: How I Celebrated My Child’s Baptism at a Low Budget


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