Pre-school Talk | What My Daughter Thinks When She Says It’s Cute


Cute dogs

Last Saturday, Dei and Lei wanted some pizza and their Aunt was in a good mood to give them money to buy them a box.

It was a stormy weekend and their grandpa didn’t have the time to drive us to the pizza parlor. The three of  us decided to walk together because they were excited that it might rain and they wanted to eat the pizza badly.  After all, they had the money from Auntie!

Dei got her pink umbrella because she loved to show it off and the only time she could do it is during rainy days. Lei had to settle to my black umbrella.

While walking, there were dogs on the side walk. They were local dogs but looked clean and cute. Then, we had this conversation (some words were in Filipino, but I already wrote it in English):

Dei: Mommy: The dogs are so cute. They’re cute like Sochi

Me: Do you mean Sochi looks like a dog?

Dei: No, mommy. The dog is cute. Sochi is cute. I did not say Sochi looks like a dog.

Mommy: Ok. You’re right (I felt bad I made her statement sounded funny yet negative).

Here’s my realization:

In the adult word, when we say “you’re cute like a dog,” most people (if not all) will take it as an offense or an insult. It’s not nice to compare you to a dog, right?

But my little girl just knows one thing: cute can be used to a good-looking dog and to a handsome brother. It’s her innocence that made her blurt out those words. There’s no insult or harm meant. She’s appreciating the beauty of both and I was guilty of making fun out of it. I almost taught my child how to tease or make fun of others!

As we grow more mature (if there’s maturity here), we put more meaning into words. We often misinterpret a simple sentence intentionally to be funny or unintentionally because we are too sensitive. If we think and speak like a child, then the old adage “words are sharper than a sword” can have a more positive meaning.

The words of an innocent child have true and pure meaning.


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