Team Building Activity | Mystery Manila Review | Rebecca’s Room

Team Building Activity | Mystery Manila Review | Rebecca’s Room

For August, our team building activity is attempting to solve the mystery in Mystery Manila. We rented the three mystery rooms in Jupiter Street, Makati and I was part of the spirit questors who would solve the mystery in Rebecca’s room.

Mystery Manila, Jupiter St., Makati City


Form a group that consists of 2 to 5 people per room. Since it’s a team activity,  we are grouped in five per room. The more people in a room, the cheaper the price per person. Here are their rates according to their site:

Number of Pax Price per Pax (Manila) Price per Pax (Boracay)
2 550 650
3 500 600
4 450 550
400 500

Reservation and Time

We reserved and fully paid the three rooms for 6:00, 6:15 and 6:30 pm. Since Rebecca’s Room was scheduled at 6 pm, we were there at 5:45 pm which is according to their postings the ideal time. However, the employee insisted that we should’ve come earlier since she already talked to my officemate that it would be better that way (for them). I guess my officemate agreed that we would come much earlier. The employee mentioned that another group had also reserved our time slot, but we were their priority since we’re already paid. I just got turned off with how they handled reservations.

We paid for the 6 pm slot, but they expected us to come as early as 5 pm or 5:30 pm so they could accommodate another group for the same reserved time. What’s the point of reservation then? Anyway, we still played on time— our reserved time since we’re neither late nor too early.


In my opinion, two heads are better than one and five to six people in a group can be chaos but more fun. If you want to have more fun, a big group is highly recommended. If you want to solve the problem, you really need to think hard together and concentrate and it’s easier to do if all of you work together. I was part of the team to enter Rebecca’s room. In our experience, we had a hard time in deciphering the codes because we did not stop and talk about what to do.  We failed to see where we should start and where to go next. We badly needed the clues to solve the mystery.

Sound Effects

This is only applicable for Rebecca’s room. From time to time, some of my teammates give out shrieks when a loud scary sound is played. Though I am a girl, I didn’t react the same, especially I was aware it’s just a game. Having a live cockroach creeping on my skin or lizard falling down on my head can make me scream, though.

The Room

It’s a dark room with strange drawings and closets. To avoid further spoilers, I am ending my description here. 🙂 I suggest that you come in comfortable clothes because, even if Rebecca’s room is supposed to be about ghost hunting, the air isn’t creepy cold. It’s so warm inside that you would surely sweat. The exhaust fan and air-con failed to do their purpose. I heard the other rooms were also warm.


Overall, the experience was good. I am not enthusiastic though to try it again because I felt uncomfortable inside the room. If I will go back there, I will try the other rooms. Maybe, I will inform immediately the handler that I will not make adjustments on our reservation because they want so.


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