First Pregnancy | My First Experiences to a Handful of Stuffs

First Pregnancy | My First Experiences to a Handful of Stuffs

My first pregnancy was in 2010. I was in denial that I was pregnant because I thought I was infertile. My ultrasound in 2007 showed that I had inverted uterus and, based on what I read online, it makes a woman more difficult to conceive. Also, I saw comments from other women blaming their inverted uterus for not having a baby at all.

My first pregnancy was unplanned and a surprise to me, my partner and my family. I guess my first maternal instinct was to go to an OB gyne.

First Visit to OB Gynecologist

It’s my first visit to an OB gyne as a pregnant woman. When I asked her if I am pregnant because the over the counter pregnancy test (PT) kit said so, she said that it’s 100% reliable. I felt silly doubting the result. If your PT said it’s positive, indeed it is!

So, it’s my first time again to get the list of lab tests I need to take: CBC, blood type and Rh factor, urinalysis, screen for anemia, Hepa B test, and test for STD like syphilis. My initial thought was “Wow! pregnancy is a dubious task!” My first prescription was a folic acid supplement.

My First Trimester
Unlike other women, my first three months was quiet and uneventful. No nausea or loss of appetite. Lucky me, right? The only time I vomit was when I ate pancit palabok, a local noodle dish. I remembered my stomach got upset with the half-cooked bihon. The only food craving I had was to eat the classic Wendy’s burger. I say it’s a craving because I rarely eat fast foods. That time, I felt happier and relieved from my hyperacidity after eating my Wendy’s classic burger.

My Second Trimester
On my second trimester, I had to change my doctor three times due to my relocating. At this point, one of the doctors provided me numerous supplements for iron, folic acid, calcium, and protein. For a month, I was diligently taking the supplements but I got tired and doubtful. I’m not sure with other moms, but my instinct told me I was taking a lot of supplements and some of them were too much.

I got sick several times like UTI and the worst colds and cough I ever experienced. I was unable to take care of my immune system. As we know, pregnancy causes our immune system to become weak so that the baby inside can grow peacefully. I also had UTI which is common during pregnancy. In fact, the UTI didn’t go away but my doctors were able to maintain it at a mild level.
One odd thing that happened to me was I lost my sense of smell for three days and I thought it would be permanent! I didn’t have colds or flu that time. I never found out why because I forgot to tell my doctor about it. I also can’t find in Google a similar case back then.
I was also constipated  until I gave birth. I ate five prunes a day and it significantly improved my bowel movements. I guess eating prunes regularly is the healthiest way to avoid constipation, especially during pregnancy.

My Third Trimester
Then, I had a bigger bump and I had a hard time moving around. I could no longer reach my toes so I had to get someone to do my pedicure. I had leg cramps for some nights that made me cry in pain. In the morning, I could still feel the muscle pain in my leg. Someone told me later that eating bananas and drinking more water can help in avoiding leg cramps.

The UTI came back or actually, it was never gone. This time I told my latest doctor that I was tired of taking antibiotics because I had two rounds of antibiotics for UTI during my second trimester and had another round for my upper respiratory infection during the early weeks of my first trimester.

My latest and actually my most compassionate doctor took a look at my urinalysis result and decided that I would no longer take antibiotics since my UTI was mild. She reminded me to avoid salty and oily foods and drink lots of water. We would just monitor the infection. I also decided to drink cranberry juice to help in keeping my infection at an acceptable level.

With a few weeks before giving birth, my doctor wanted me to maintain my weight and that I only eat healthy foods. She did not recommend for me to walk until I was on my 38th week. Take note of this do not walk a lot or push yourself to move around until your baby is actually ready to go out!

The Actual Birth of my First Baby
I will write about it on another post! Meanwhile. for first-time pregnant moms, my advice is to follow a healthy diet for your pregnancy. If you want more tips, you can check out this e-book: Click Here!


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