Content Writer Needed? Check

Content Writer Needed? Check

What is iWriter? is an online site where these two people meet:
Client – the one who needs a content for their websites or posts for their blogs. They are the people who are either too busy to update their sites with up-to-date and relevant information or simply lacks the skills to produce interesting articles. They are the people who want their websites to be on top of search engine results.
Writer – the one who has the skills and time to write contents for websites, blogs, research paper, etc. They look for a job where they can use their talent and earn some money.

Who are the content writers in iWriter?
All writers here are given the chance to prove that they have the talent to provide original articles that are free from grammar error and rich in interesting details.
All new writers have to undergo a trial period where they should pick their first five articles to write from the pool of requests under the Standard category. The writer has to write one article and wait for 30 minutes after submission before they can write the next one.
The five articles should have 4 to 5 stars average before they can be accepted as a Standard writer. Most writers maintain high ratings which make them qualified to higher categories— Premium, Elite (4.6/5) and Elite Plus (4.85).
The rating of the writer and his knowledge about the client’s request can help the employer decide if he can pick him/her for special requests.
Most of the writers use American English or U.K. English. Some writers can write using other languages such as Spanish and German.
Yes, iWriter have many clients from around the globe and they make sure that most of them will find the writer or article they need here.

What are the subjects of their articles?
The subjects and even the format, content, number of words of the articles and language are dependent on the client. It is assumed that one of the writers have the knowledge about the requested topic.

How much will it cost you?
In order to find out how much it will cost you to hire writers from iWriter, please check here.

What are the pros and cons of hiring from iWriter?
The pros of getting content from iWriter are:

  • You don’t need to do a search and interview for your content writer because iWriter has a pool of writers who can cater your article requests.
  • There’s a writer who can do your requests at any time of the day since iWriter has a global network of writers.
  • You have the option to accept or reject the submitted article. An article that did not follow your format and instructions or lacks details can be reasonably rejected. Afterward, you can put it back on the queue and hope a better writer will complete your request.

The flexibility of writers is one major disadvantage of iWriter. Since writers can pick their clients or topic, they usually choose a client who gives high ratings. So, if your topic is unpopular or you provide a long list and complicated instructions on how and what to write, it’s most likely that it will be the last one to be picked up. It can take days without any progress (this is for unusual requests).

Because writers have to protect their ratings, they prioritize clients who are more lenient or have crystal clear instructions. A client is lucky if a writer is an expert on your subject. However, expect some writers who will try to write something about what they don’t fully understand. You might waste time waiting for the right article.

One way to prevent poorly written articles is iWriter’s implementation of a rule where writers with very low rating (3.2 average after 10 reviews or 3.4 average after 20 reviews) and who plagiarize are permanently blocked.

Why do you need iWriter?
If you have come to my post, then you might be looking for content writers. Either you hire me or you can try the services of iWriter. I’m also a registered  content writer for iWriter so we might bump to each other when you choose to get your articles from there.


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